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AquaStretch is a holistic hands on myofascial release technique for assisted stretching in water using weighted resistance and a prescribed methodology to trigger the stretch reflex and produce outstanding results from athletic performance to rehabilitation. It is a clinically proven and ground-breaking technique that helps to restore lost mobility, decrease pain, increase training efficiency and improves sports performance as well as general well being. The purpose of AquaStretch is to restore flexibility assist elastic recoil and support balanced, symmetrical function. This course is a specialist course for those who like a methodolgy to follow and desire to start in the aquatic therapy world.

We are offering two different styles of this class :

In person – Two day course – Includes a practical video, manual and poolside laminate

Theory Online with 1 day practical – Includes practical video, Manual & poolside laminate

  • Both have 6 hours of theory learning
  • There are 8.5 hours of practical for both
  • Exam & practical assessment within both
  • Annual check up