Introduction to Aquatic Therapy

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Introduction to aquatic therapy prepares an individual to work with special population clients in an aquatic environment as 1-1 or in a group session. The course takes a deep look at the physiology and hydrodynamics of human immersion and some of the common conditions that can occur within a body as it ages and to discuss disorders and conditions that can affect people along life’s journey. The ability to take SOAP notes and perform special tests to assess a client is an integral part of gathering information and planning a treatment or programme. It is also the means by which to communicate with other health care professionals. Understanding a client’s condition and how being immersed in water can change the way the body responds helps the therapist to plan and treat a client. We will look at each system within the body and some of the common complaints and associated with them from chronic lower back pain, prolapsed discs, Sciatica, to Arthritis, Sarcopenia, Obesity, Lymphoedema and pain plus many, many more. During this training the therapist will learn how to self-evaluation and keep a reflective journal of their learning journey. This course is designed for the aquatic professional who is interested in becoming a therapist or adding therapy to their professional development.