Neoprene Cuffs

A.R.E.A. long lasting neoprene cuffs. Buoyancy and weights do not need replacing once purchased; only the neoprene cuff itself will need to be replaced.
4 pockets for weight or buoyancy. Weight can be adjusted to suit the client from 750g to 3Kg per cuff. Strong Velcro ties to provide a snug fit. Velcro extensions available separately.
Versatile and durable. Able to be worn on legs, arms and amputation stumps, can be linked together and worn around the waist.
One size fits all

Weights (blue) are 750g each, weight pellets are lead wrapped in plastic

Used during an AquaStretch treatment and/or used in aqua therapy or aqua exercise session.



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Cuffs without weights or buoyancy, Cuffs with buoyancy, Cuffs with weight, Cuff with Weight and buoyancy, Cuff velcro extensions


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