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5/5 ‘Exceptionally knowledgeable. Really liked the pool practical’

Mark, Sunderland

5/5 ‘Liked the practical element and teaching each other’

Courtney, Portsmouth

5/5 ‘The course was concise, covered what was needed with no time wasted’

Rachel, Ascot

5/5 ‘I liked finding out the different conditions that can come from pregnancies’

Laura, Stanmore

5/5 ‘I enjoyed leaning the info on how the body changes when in the water’

Amy, Sunderland

5/5 ‘Relaxed teaching style with the opportunity to link theory and practical together. Very helpful and very useful’

Sarah, Watford

5/5 ‘Relaxed and friendly’

Tracy, Stanmore

5/5 ‘The in depth knowledge Haylley has was great’

Amanda, Poole

5/5 ‘Very knowledgeable, I have learnt a lot. Haylley is very helpful. Good use of props too’

Sarah, Tring