Bumps and Lumps is an Aqua Natal Franchise in association with A.R.E.A.

Aqua Aerobics is particularly effective for the natal & post natal woman as it offers a wide range of therapeutic and health benefits without the hard impact of land exercise. (Post Natal= 6 weeks – 3 months, depending upon birth).  Regardless of an individual’s current fitness level, Aqua aerobics allows for each workout plan to be personalised by changing the speed, intensity or amount of rest based on their needs. It is ideal for cross-training workouts, simple to advanced fitness workouts and as an aid to recovery from injury or management of chronic conditions.

Aqua natal exercise combines the therapeutic properties of the water with unique techniques and moves to work the whole body in a holistic manor. In comparison to land exercise, it is far safer for mother and foetus to exercise in the water. Furthermore, continuing activity and exercising once the baby is born has many benefits including reducing the chance of developing post natal depression and stress relief.

Current recommendations on physical activity for expectant mothers aim to reduce issues such as obesity, diabetes and other health concerns. Pregnant women who are already active should be encouraged to maintain their physical activity levels.

Women who were not active before their pregnancy should avoid intense exercise, such as running, jogging and begin with 10 minutes of moderate exercise then gradually increase towards 150 minutes spread throughout the week.

Benefits of Aqua Natal

Improves ability to cope with the stress of delivery
Quicker post-natal recovery
Reduced risk for medical conditions
Decreases pregnancy tiredness
Helps with regular bowel movement
Prepares body for demand of labour
Helps maintain constant blood glucose levels
Assists venous return which also helps alleviate oedema
Increases blood flow & oxygen up-take to both mother & baby
Helps reduce pregnancy-associated long-term memory impairment
Increases cardiovascular strength
Increases muscular strength & endurance
Improves pregnancy posture
Reduces back ache
Social aspect of the class
Mental health benefits – for pre & post-natal
Less fat on baby

Course Details

  • The pre-requisite of this course is aqua instructor/ swimming instructor/ GYM/ PT/ ETM

    This is a 1 day pre & post natal aqua course for £175

    Pre-course learning is required (booklet to be completed before attending the day)

    There is an assessment (practical & theory) during the day. You will be required to complete a practical assessment to show understanding and competence.