Lynda and Haylley specifically design therapy classes that focus on rehabilitation in water. The classes enhance and support the physiological and psychological aspects of rehabilitation and anyone with a medical condition can benefit from these water therapy classes.

Most people are aware of the benefits water can provide for pre and post surgical procedures and of the benefits to the arthritic and elderly. The multidimensional aspect of water encourages muscular balance, joint spacing, restoration of lost range of movement as well as help to improve co-ordination and quality of life. When the body starts to move and improve then the mind begins to heal and an overall feeling of well-being will result in a more positive outlook on life as a whole.

Aquatic therapy training can be within a class where a group can psychologically support each other and provide social interaction. Alternatively personal training can be provided, where each exercise is specifically designed with a medical condition in mind.

Prior to any aquatic therapy, a consultation with the trainer is necessary and a health questionnaire must be completed.

Benefits of Aqua Therapy

  • Efficiency of movement

  • Improvements in activities of daily living

  • Reduced risk of heart disease and other diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle

  • Reduced stress and feeling of isolation and depression

  • Increased self esteem and feeling of well being

  • Increased perceived quality of life

  • Increased quality of sleep

  • Increased muscular strength and overall body conditioning

  • Increases joint spacing

  • Improved kinesoiphobia

  • Restored lost Range of Movement

  • Decrease pain