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~ 11th of September 2022 ~
6 amazing UK Presenters

"Providing High Quality, Evidence Based Aquatic Education"

Aqua Fitness

aqua stretch


AquaStretch is a holistic hands on myofascial release technique for assisted stretching in water using weighted resistance and a prescribed methodology to trigger the stretch reflex and produce outstanding results from athletic performance to rehabilitation….. More

Aqua fitness is a fantastic way to exercise the body and mind. Water keeps your body buoyant allowing you to work your body whilst being gentle on your joints. Every move is against the resistance of the water so you are constantly working your body…. More

Aqua Natal

Aqua Aerobics is particularly effective for the natal & post natal woman as it offers a wide range of therapeutic and health benefits without the hard impact of land exercise. (Post Natal= 6 weeks – 3 months, depending upon birth)….. More

Aquatic Therapy

Lynda and Haylley specifically design therapy classes that focus on rehabilitation in water. The classes enhance and support the physiological and psychological aspects of rehabilitation and anyone with a medical condition can benefit from these water therapy classes…… More


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