aqua stretch

AquaStretch is a holistic hands on myofascial release technique for assisted stretching in water using weighted resistance and a prescribed methodology to trigger the stretch reflex and produce outstanding results from athletic performance to rehabilitation. It is a clinically proven and ground-breaking technique that helps to restore lost mobility, decrease pain, increase training efficiency and improves sports performance as well as general wellbeing. The purpose of AquaStretch is to restore flexibility assist elastic recoil and support balanced, symmetrical function.

The reason AquaStretch works so well is because the water allows you to stretch multidimensionally into positions that are not possible on land or the therapists plinth. The water also allows muscles to float and allows you to identify and stretch fascial restrictions more effectively. 

Theoretically fascia excessively calcifies on a protein collagen matrix, similar to arteriosclerotic plaque. The body is a complex “tissue sandwich” made from layers of skin, agonist muscle, antagonist muscle and bone in which the fascia both separates and connects the entire body. Fascial adhesions may restrict flexibility, cause a mal-adaptive range of motion (ROM), and/or irritate nerves causing pain and/or dysfunction. There are three factors that cause fascial adhesions, these are: knot(s) unresolved by exercise or movement after an injury, muscular over-use and improper healing.  Fascial calcification that may be aggravated by diet and certain drugs or hormone imbalances.

AquaStretch Benefits

  • Pain free treatment

  • Relaxes the body & mind

  • Releases trigger points & breaks up knots

  • Corrects muscles imbalances

  • Improves flexibility & joint range of motion

  • Improves neuromuscular efficiency

  • Increases lymphatic & vascular efficiency

  • Enhances performance & muscle function

  • Enhances circulation in areas where blood flow may become restricted

  • AquaStretch is generally more effective than massage (and OMT) and benefits last 3 to 4 times longer

Course Details

  • Two day course

  • £425 – which includes a manual and poolside laminate

  • Time – 8:45 – 18:00 (subject to change)

  • 10 CIMSPA points

  • 8.5 hours pool practical

  • 6 hours theory

  • Light refreshments