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Aqua Natal

Welcome to the online Aqua Natal course, please watch the introduction video by clicking the button below.

8 Lessons

The pre-requisite of this course is aqua instructor/ swimming instructor/ GYM/ PT/ ETM
Once booked on to the Aqua Natal online course you may begin your education/ learning, consisting of a combination of video presentations with a manual (13.5 hours) and multiple choice quizzes
There will be two 20-45 minutes live video calls/phone calls with an A.R.E.A. tutor, with any additional help if required or for any learning difficulties
An assessment of a lesson plan and a video submission of teaching the lesson is required to demonstrate competency
18 – 24 months to complete

  • 13.5 hours of online learning
  • Seven online multiple choice quizzes.  Each quiz contains 15 questions, taking 30-45 minutes
  • Facebook support group
  • Once competed and assessed a CPD certificate in Aqua Natal will be sent
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